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Rotating Astro Lamp

  • 25"h X 11"w
  • brass, metal, glass jewels

    Speed of light! Fantastical spacey desk lamp. Rotating lampshade with multi-colored glass jeweled stars. One-of-a-kind? Prototype? Mad scientist hack? Whatever it's UFO (unknown funky origins), this alien artifact mesmerizes as well as any lava lamp.


Space Taxi Model

  • 9.5"w X 6"h
  • pro-built and signed model kit
  • comes with original box art

    Five, Four, Three, Two, One...Lift-off! Willie Ley inspired a generation of Earth-bound space cadets to dream of the bigger universe. This period Monogram "Space Age Hobby Kit" was part Tom Swift and part Major Matt Mason. Assembled and hand-painted using the vintage decals. The "Space Taxi" model is re-positionable on a silver and bronzed globe stand. Interior storage bay filled with cargo, three suited astronauts and one commander in the cockpit.


Music to Orbit By

    Vacuum Packed! Two space-age LPs: the original 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack (rare) and Journey to the Moon.

    $28. (set of two)


  • 4.5" X 4.5"

    In space no one can hear you cough! Gorgeous space art with gold highlights on the cover of this commemorative Soviet tobacco propaganda.


Tom Swift Jr Drawing

  • 17.5"h X 11.5"w pencil on artists' paper
  • signed, original drawing (not a reproduction) $120.

1970s Space Nude

  • 22"h X 28.5"w pencil, ink, acrylic paint and charcoal on artists' paper
  • signed, large original art (not a reproduction)

    By American artist John Goss.

    $85. (Swank watermark does not appear on drawing.)

Space Oddity Chair

  • 30.5"h X 28"d X 26.5"w

    Thus Sprach Zarathustra! This plush, vintage boomerang atomic hot seat remains a perfect throne for today's Barbarellas and Captain Kirks. Original vinyl fabric and piping with Sputnik legs. Lust in space.


Dymaxion World Map

  • 34"w X 22"h

    Our World Unfolding! What better map to hang above your modernist desk than this revolutionary mid-century world view from the mind of a 20th century visionary. A reprinting of the 1954 Raleigh Edition of the Dymaxion Airocean World by the Buckminster Fuller Institute in Los Angeles. The Dymaxion map is the least-distorted 2D map of the globe ever created and so unique that it was granted its own patent.


Glitter UFO snack plates

  • 8"w X 3"h
  • transparent gold glitter cup holder
  • raised orbital snack deck
  • ringed in metallic gold

    Take me to your leader. Each plate has a central cup holder surrounded by a ring for treats. perfect munchie vehicle for your next viewing of Earth Versus the Flying Saucers.


Astronaut Piggy Bank

  • 6"h X 3.5"w

    Lift off! Wonder Bread kids growing up during the space race could save their pennies in this vintage extraterrestrial piggy bank. Dig the alien romance developing in the roiling rocket exhaust on the back!


Danish Sputnik Candle Holders

  • 4" high teak wood
  • stamped Made in Denmark

    In Orbit! Quintessential mid-century Danish modern teak candleabras. Set of two.


Sputnik Fondue Forks and Stand

  • 11"h

    Big dipper! Orbit the fondue pot with this handsome midcentury rosewood fork set and stand.


UFO Dish

  • 7"h X 13"w three-piece stainless steel, hard wood and brass
  • insulated inner bowl for hot foods or ice cubes
  • beautifully hand-detailed handles and finial!

    Out of this world! It doesn't get more Jetsonian than this space age mid-century masterpiece. Machined, brushed stainless steel is flawlessly combined with elegant hand-detailing (check out the gently concave ergonomic thumb grips). Take me to your leader, or at least to your next pot luck.


Soviet Space Commemorative

  • 3"h bakelite and metal

    Take me to your leader. Soviet kitsch commemorative celebrating the first human Earth orbit by Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961.


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