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Vintage Mod Flower Power Tiki Bar Cocktail Coasters

  • 3.5"W

    Okole maluna! Vintage mod flower power tiki bar cocktail coasters.

    $12. (set of 12)

Hot Aloha Tidbit Tray

  • 11"w fiberglass with metal handle

    Sandwich Island platter! Serve up your tiki party pu-pus on this vintage, volcanic-colored mid-century tidbit tray.


Hawaiian Wax Museum Souvenir Booklet

  • signed

    Wax nostalgic! The Hawaiian Wax Museum was a Waikiki must-see attraction for millions of tourists after it opened its doors in 1965. Jeannne and Bill Bischof brought this copy back home with them so that they could share all 22 full color pictures and write-ups of the 18 exhibits with their friends and family back on the Mainland.



  • dye print on 16"w X 13"h matte archival-quality paper
  • signed by the artist

    Aloha shirt and leis, by American artist John Goss.

    $98. (Swank watermark does not appear on print.)

Aloha Week Pin

  • 1" enamel and metal

    1971 Aloha Week Silver Anniversary commermorative enamel pin.


Royal Hawaiian Hotel

  • dye print on 18"h X 13"w matte archival-quality paper
  • signed by the artist

    The classic pink hotel on Waikiki Beach, by American artist John Goss.

    $98. (Swank watermark does not appear on print.)

Shave Ice

  • dye print on 16"w X 13"h matte archival-quality paper
  • signed by the artist

    Hawaiian "shave ice", by American artist John Goss.

    $98. (Swank watermark does not appear on print.)

Iron Man Kona Poster

  • 28"h X 22"w poster

    Pump Up the Aloha! If you like your men and flowers (and we do), grab this silver moke-a-licious hunk and his orchid lei.


Lava Leaf Dish

  • 12.5" X 7"

    Turn on, tune in, drip out! Outstanding example of Treasure Craft's trademark lava and wood stained glaze ceramic dishware. Mid-century meets the magic mushroom.


Vintage Matchook Art

  • dye print on 16"h matte archival-quality paper

    Match your couch! This vintage matchbook art has been modernized into a large wall poster. You can even choose your two favorite colors or pick the classic original combo.

    Original colors or your two faves:

    $25. original colors (left) or your two favorite colors
    Custom sizes also available, please enquire.

Lava Glazed Tropical Leaf Tidbit

  • 12" X 8" X 6"h lava-glazed ceramic and metal handle

    Volcanic! Treasure Craft classic. If the goddess Pele lived in a trailer park in Southern California in 1962, this is what she'd have on her end table. A beautiful example of mass-produced California decorative exuberance that helped spread American snack culture around the mid-century landscape.


Aloha Shirt TV Bench

Aloha Shirt TV Bench

  • vintage 60s/70s aloha shirt panels
  • button pocket for channel guide and shirt pocket holder for remote!
  • adaptable, customized to your preferred TV bench
  • cost-effective upgrade for moderately-priced furniture

    The ultimate in Tiki modern decor! Recycled vintage aloha shirts decorate the doors on this living room essential.

    Custom Pricing, please enquire.

Sounds to Surf By

  • extremely cool cover and inner sleeve art!

    50 guitars Visit Hawaii! A dozen hukilau classics recorded in "Poly 120 Sound".


Vintage Tiki Hat

  • size 7

    The perfect tapa topper for your next luau, surfin' safari or 3-hour tour.


South Pacific

  • 21"w X 31"h
  • by Thai artist Tongdee

    South Pacific, Thai movie poster.


Essential Tiki Hut Reading

    Book 'Em, Dan-O! No Gilligan's Island bamboo hut would be complete without these two essential tomes to while away the years waiting for rescue.


Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

  • painted wood


Burl Ives On The Beach At Waikiki

    Have a holly jolly luau! As the liner notes of this LP gush, "there is something particularly right about the image of Burl relaxing on what is perhaps the most famous piece of sun-drenched real estate in the world - the beach at Waikiki." With that image sun-burned into your brain cells, throw this disc on the hi-fi and grab a fistful of Mai Tais as Mr Ives ukes his way through Polynesia.


Les Baxter, Le Sacre du Sauvage

  • 10" X 10", 33 1/3 RPM
  • frame printed right on the cover!

    High Tiki! "Charming and influential plastic bamboo exotica (Martin Denny would cover five of these tunes for his own influential Exotica LP six years later). The 1951 sleeve notes tout this as a "tone poem of the sound and struggle of the jungle", but Baxter's orchestra - enough strings and brass to overflow the Nile - are pure Hollywood. It's lush and romantic, and often hopped up on Latin rhythms."


Primo Black Light Poster

  • 33"h X 21"w, serigraph (silk screen) fluorescent UV blacklight poster

    Full sail! Gorgeous, period black light poster featuring the Primo Beer logo on the catamaran sail. We think the artist was drinking more than Primo, though. Hawaiian ultra-cool.


Don Ho Bubble Blower

  • molded rubber with plastic bubble blowing ring in neck

    Tiny Bubbles! Twist Don Ho's head off, squeeze his powder blue leisure suit, and up pops a soapy ring so you can blow - what else! - tiny bubbles. Mic in one hand and drink in the other, plus puka shell choker, it's an exemplar of 1970s-in-the-islands. Bottoms up, Don!


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