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Vintage Mod Pop Keepsake Organizer

  • 7"w X 10"h bound, compartmentalized organizer

    Get yourselves back to the garden! Organize your trippy memories with this stunningly groovy 60s keepsake organizer with a blazing, psychedelic tooled cover in day-glo on antiqued gold. Inscribed inside, "To Mother, From Pauline, August 6, 1968," back when Hallmark was feelin' groovy. Five compartments with tabs that may be labeled.


Dr Jekyll as Mr Hyde

  • 8"h X 6"w
  • pro painted and signed, with box and instructions

    Drink me! Monster model hobby kits were the rage in any mid-century boy's bedroom. Cobbled together quickly and painted with drippy enamel paints, they rarely survived into adulthood. Revisit the era with this deluxe, professional build-up with custom detailing that fans go nuts for. Original vintage sculpt by Aurora Plastics Corporation. Comes with the very groovy Moebius box art.


Trippy Mod Piggy Bank

  • 8"h X 5"w

    Go ask Alice! Full of grace and composure, Miss Daisy's head is never-the-less exploding from something that Grace Slick snuck into the punch bowl and her world is suddenly very, very vivid.


Rat Fink Ravell Custom Monster Kit Model

  • 6"h figure and 3"h X 5"w X 8"l box
  • includes box art, instructions, base and sprues
  • signed by American artist John Goss

    Finks unite! Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's iconic American weird-oh mascot, Rat Fink. This professional build-up of the counter-culture, custom car cousin of Mickey Mouse was given a metallic flake paint job in keeping with its roots in Southern California hot rod mods from the 60s.


Paint Can Bank

  • 6.5"h X 5"w, plaster molded coin bank with day-glo and metallic paint

    Bankable! The epitome of Pop Art's influence on mainstream American youth culture of the late 60s. This low-brow, self-referential play on art and commerce, street grunge and super-graphic hues, Duchamp and Warhol (there was a reason he collected cookie jars), perfectly reflects the mood of its times, bringing Claes Oldenberg and Jasper Johns into your kid sister's bedroom. Mass-produced, yet individually decorated, this bit of casual consumerism has become bona fide pop art in its own right.


PLOP! #2

  • 10"h X 7"w

    Zoinks! In the early 1970s the younger siblings of the MAD generation were bouncing their eyeballs off DC Comic's PLOP! The Magazine of Weird Humor, featuring outsider cover art by outré illustrator extraordinaire, Basil Wolverton, of Lena the Hyena fame.


Flower Power Serving Tray (orange and red)

  • 15.5"w

    To the max! Another groovy flower power product from The Land of the Rising Fun. This Peter Max inspired serving tray was being breezily exported even while mass-production factories were being retooled to conquer the world with Beta Max.


Lemony Stacking Cannisters

  • 8"h, 7"h, 6"h, 5"h plastic

    Pop goes the kitchen! The perfect compliment to any sunny, primary-hued 60s pantry shelf.

    $49. (set of four)

Hippy, Trippy Pez Dispenser

  • 4.5"h

    Eat Me! While baby boomers were experimenting with Mellow Yellow and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, their younger siblings fed their heads with pure sugar pills supplied by Pez pushers. Luv pez on one side and Mod Pez on the other. This super rare 1968 psychadelic toy for children is coveted by Pez-heads!


Andy Warhol Pop-Up Book

  • 11"h X 8.5"w

    The Exploding Pop-Up Inevitable! Rare 1967 book that Warhol designed as "a children's book for hipsters." It features photos of, and interviews with, the Superstars and hangers-on of Warhol's Factory and underground films. Silver cover, pop-ups, die-cuts, gizmos and a pull-out Velvet Underground flexi-disc.


Ice Capades Programs

  • 12"h X 11"w large format, color

    Grooviness on Ice! Ephemeral time capsules of American camp culture. Spandex mid-air splits, sequined top hatted rotating chorus lines, blobby amoeba psychedelic light projections, split-screen multi-media happenings - all on frozen water! Johnny Weir wasn't even born yet and America was already getting an annual dose of rhinestone ice queens. Here's the proof in glorious technicolor and synthetic strech fabrics.

    $38. each (late 60s, early 70s)

Black Velvet Paint By Numbers

  • 14.5"h X 10.5"w

    Avant 'Tard! We love paint-by-numbers and we love black velvet paintings, but a black velvet paint-by-numbers? Holy Double Scoop, Batman! This 1970 hobby oil-painting kit, clearly aimed at the hipster homemaker, is still sealed in its original box. Better yet, it's subject - an accordian-playing Harlequin - is a mid-century motif straight out of Picasso's rosier period. An exemplar frozen-in-time hobby project to have lying around your Mad Men den.


3D Hot Rod Fink Art

  • 22.5"h X 17.5"w

    Kustom Kulture Kool! Ed "Big Daddy" Roth classic Weirdo hot rod art (1982) with Rat Fink. 3D poster by Ray Zone. Grab your anaglyphic red and green glasses and...whoa!


Cassette Lazy Susan

  • 6.5"h X 7" X 7"
  • horizontal and vertical stacking!

    Turn, turn, turn! Another clever display for a now extinct technology. Spin this compact black plastic cassette holder and dig the stylish faux hard wood decals. Remember when stereo speakers were all chunky wood boxes with black screens? Remember auto-reverse? Remember Dolby B?


Day-Glo Sting-Ray Bike Poster

  • 21"w X 17"h

    Pop a wheelie! A graphic homage to that shining icon of baby boomer childhood: the Sting-Ray bike. That Christmas morning ride around the neighborhood on that glitter-injected vinyl banana seat was a right of passage for the kid brothers and sisters of the Aquarians.


Now! Free My Mind

  • George Goode, 1971
  • 33"h X 21.5"w, serigraph (silk screen) fluorescent UV blacklight poster


San Francisco Painted Lady

  • 24.5"h X 17"w silkscreen on masonite

    Mr Wavy Gravy's Neighborhood! Straight from the Summer of Love's epicenter, San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district. The city's Victorian gingerbread rowhouses became havens for the hippies who descended on the scene in 1969. Artist James Dunne rendered this Warholesque treatment of one of the "painted ladies." Matching frame hand-painted in tangerine and avocado!


Beatles' Yellow Submarine Kit Model

  • 9" X 5"h
  • original decals
  • pro-built and signed model kit
  • comes with original box art

    "We all live in a yellow submarine." Based on superlative designs by pop graphic artist, Heintz Edelmann, this is a hand-painted and custom detailed kit model of the yellow submarine that carried The Beatles to Pepperland to vanquish the Blue Meanies. Two cargo compartments with opening doors reveal Old Fred and Jeremy Hilary Boob Ph.D.


Criswell Predicts

  • two rare volumes, one signed

    "We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives." Star of Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, Criswell was adored by Mae West who wrote a song about him and he held the world in awe with uncredible predictions such as "Denver will be struck by a ray from space that will cause all metal to adopt the qualities of rubber, leading to horrific accidents at amusement parks."

    $155. Criswell Predicts (signed by Criswell, dated 1968) and Your Next Ten Years (1969)


  • 20w X 14.5h

    The Invasion Begins! Large repro from the much sought-after bubble gum card series that thrilled teens and ignited parent protests in 1962.



  • 22"w X 15"h

    "Like all quantities, horror has its ultimate, and I am that!" Outstanding, oversized day-glo repro of the original lobby card for this A.I.P. B-movie horror classic from 1959.


Space Taxi Model

  • 9.5"w X 6"h
  • pro-built and signed model kit
  • comes with original box art

    Five, Four, Three, Two, One...Lift-off Willie Ley inspired a generation of Earth-bound space cadets to dream of the bigger universe. This period Monogram "Space Age Hobby Kit" was part Tom Swift and part Major Matt Mason. Assembled and hand-painted using the vintage decals. The "Space Taxi" model is re-positionable on a silver and bronzed globe stand. Interior storage bay filled with cargo, three suited astronauts and one commander in the cockpit.


Chinese Theater Memento

  • 5"h injection molded plastic souvenir

    Once upon a dime! Remember those mid-century coin-operated souvenir machines? You'd put your dime in and two shiny mold halves would come together, hot plastic would be injected through transparent tubes as you watched and, as the molds separated, a spatula would scoop your still-warm memento into the retrieval compartment. This salmon pink pagoda is from the famous foyer of Sid Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard where stars imprinted their shoes, hands and signatures in wet cement. It says "Chinese Theatre" on one side and "Hollywood, CA" on the other. In the center is depicted the famous hand and footprints - one side even shows the imprint of Roy Roger's gun and Trigger's horse shoe!


Flower Power Bookends (Blue, Green and Pink)

  • 5"h enamel on metal

    Sock it to me! These righteous, day-glo flower power bookends are ultra groovy: simple, vividly graphic and Made-in-Japan.


Liberace Now! LP

  • 12.5"h X 12.5"w

    Apocalypse later, Liberace now! Dig this vintage 60s, ultra high fidelity LP on the Dot Records label, with Libby grooving on (and in one case actually tap dancing to) pop hits like Born Free, Georgy Girl, and The Impossible Dream. Improbable dream? Maybe. Far out? Classical gas.


Mod Letter or Napkin Holder

  • 4.25"h X 1.5"d enamel on metal

    Sock it to me! This righteous, day-glo flower power letter or napkin holder is ultra groovy: simple, vividly graphic and Made-in-Japan.


Flower Power Bookends (Yellow, Orange and Green)

  • 5"h enamel on metal

    Sock it to me! These righteous, day-glo flower power bookends are ultra groovy: simple, vividly graphic and Made-in-Japan.


Fortune Teller

  • 17"h X 11"w, flocked vintage fluorescent UV blacklight poster



  • 30.5"h X 21.5"w, serigraph (silk screen) fluorescent UV blacklight poster


Digger Weird-ohs Dragster

  • 5"h X 8"w
  • pro painted and signed, with box and instructions

    Wheels on fire! Hot rods and monsters collided in Southern California during the 50s and 60s. Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink and other assorted Weird-Ohs perplexed parents and thrilled younger siblings of grease monkey Kustom Kar Kommandos. Turn any shelf into a drag strip with this professional build-up and custom detailing (nuts and bolts explode from the engine and bonus chromed-out Rat Fink gas tank ornament). Original vintage sculpt and decals.


Vintage Monster Fink Rings and Display Card

  • 6.5"h X 5"w

    Give 'em the finkger! Four vintage plastic children's rings - in blood red, corpse turquoise, charcoal grey and translucent bone - on a supergraphic display card. Kill two 1960s fads (monsters and finks) with one stone cold groovy accessory.


Elephant Coin Bank

  • 5"h X 6"w

    Hatari! This bashful pachyderm in bright, mod hues is perfect to prop up your Henry Mancini LP collection in your 1960s hipster den.


The True Fantastic Story of Tiny Tim

  • 11"h X 8"w, 74 pages

    American idol! 1968 magazine tribute to Lebanese-Polish American music historian, Herberto Buckinham Khaury, aka Tiny Tim. A true icon of the pop 60s, often appearing on Laugh-In and The Tonight Show. Filled with fun facts and trivia, such as a typical Tiny Tim breakfast (one raw onion, grape and prune juice, 1/2 pound of peanuts, mangoes and three bananas) and his showering routine. Tributes from Joni Mitchell, Sally Field, Cher, Mama Cass, Nancy Sinatra and Judy Carne. Essential display item for any mid-century magazine rack.



  • 1975
  • 35"h X 23"w, flocked serigraph (silk screen) fluorescent UV blacklight poster


Flower Power Mugs

  • ceramic mugs

    Folger's 'n flowers! Very groovy accents for any 60s period pad. Sip your java while you watch Have a Little Tea with Goldie on The Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour DVDs.


60s Greeting Cards

  • 9"h X 4"w
  • black and day-glo ink, envelopes included

    What weren't they smoking? The Sixties mystified many people. Send these period sentiments to your friends and you'll mystify them, too!


Groovy Flower Power Frog Bank

  • 4"w X 5"h hand painted

    Make love, not warts! Jeremia is a bullfrog, hand-painted in far-out day-glo colors with gold accents. Vintage 1960s coin bank will fit perfectly in your trippy lily pad.


Taurus The Bank

  • 5"h X 10"w hand painted

    Toro! When the moon is in the second house and Venus flirts with Mars, this piece will guide your planets. Killer zodiac coin bank in the shape of Taurus the bull. Vintage groovy Summer of Love mod pop sculpt by the flower powers at Pride Creations.


Pan Am Swizzle Sticks

  • 5"h injection plastic and silver paint

    Coffee, Tea or Me? Iconic optimism-on-a-stick from the high flying world of Mad Men and sex kitten stewardesses. The future of Pan Am's world looked so rosey that Stanley Kubrick had them flying passengers to the Space Station in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Swept away is the world of mid-century-mile-high-cocktail-twirling-wide-lapeled-jet-set-swingers. But their swizzle sticks are here to stay!

    SOLD (set of 12)


  • 31"h X 19"w, serigraph (silk screen) fluorescent UV blacklight poster


Magic Kingdom Map

  • 37.5"w X 27.5"h, tri-fold

    It's a smile world after all! Like a giant Flair pen coloring book, this rainbow-hued map of Walt Disney World from the start of the 1970s was imagi-marketing at its hippy-dippy zenith. High or not, you can stare at this hand-drawn atlas of the Hippiest Place on Earth for hours and always discover some new detail.


Mama Casserole

  • 5.5"h X 9"w

    Mod pot! Flower power Flammfest tulip-lidded casserole.


Vintage 60s Supergraphic Thermometer

  • 12.5"h X 4.5w painted wood, plastic, metal and glass

    Hippy dippy weather, man! Super graphic grooviness from the master mod pop designers of the 1960s, Pride Creations.


It's a Small World Souvenir Booklet

  • 8.5w X 11h

    Join the happiest cruise that ever sailed! Walt Disney, Mary Blair and Rolly Crump are on board. This deluxe, 32-page 1970s souvenir brochure is jam packed with full color photos including art and production stills of the now lost rainforest tableaux and the Tower of the Four Winds!


Jet Set Lunch Box

  • 8.5w X 7"h X 4"d

    We have reached cruising altitude! Oh, the lucky kid that got to carry this swinging lunch pail to elementary school every day. Just at those fab plastic goggles and white gloves. The perfect display case for your swizzle stick collection, vintage cocktail recipes or mile high club sandwich.


Lion Coin Bank

  • 5"h X 8.5"w

    Wimoweh! Mod Leo lovers will adore this lion king in watermelon and lime.


Betty Rubble Ashtray

  • 8" X 6"

    Yabba-Dabba Do! Hand-wiped, duo-tone ceramic.


Mod Mugs

  • 4"h X 4.5"w


Flower Power Serving Tray (blue and green)

  • 15.5"w

    To the max! Another groovy flower power product from The Land of the Rising Fun. This Peter Max inspired serving tray was being breezily exported even while mass-production factories were being retooled to conquer the world with Beta Max.


60s Day-Glo Owl Plaque

  • 16"h X 10"w
  • papier-mâché, rope, gold foil stickers, glue and day-glo paint

    Crafty owl! Vintage folk-craft papier-mâché wall art. "Who" could ask for more?


Picasso Ashtray

  • 6" X 5" mass-produced ceramic

    White trash treasure! Commorative souvineer googie ashtray of Chicago's monumental outdoor Picasso (sculpture designed in 1965). Pop mechanical reproduction, modernism, collectable kitch and fine art all collide in this hand-painted Made-in-Japan multiple. Way, way ahead of Murikami-san.



  • 17"h X 11"w
  • signed by script writer Ray Bradbury

    Super psychedelic poster for a Cuban revival screening of Moby Dick.


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